Rhythm Group
Rhythm Guitar
Grand Piano
Hammond Organ
Pad Synth
Main Violin
2nd Violin
3rd Violin
Main Trumpet
2nd, 3rd Trumpet
French Horn
Main Trombone
2nd, 3rd Trombone
Alt Sax
Tenor Sax
Bariton Sax
Lead Harmony
2nd Harmony
3rd Harmony
Sopran, Mezzo Sopran Backup
Alt Backup
Tenor, Mezzo Tenor Backup
Bariton Backup
Acapella Bass
Lead Instruments
Lead Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Hammond Organ
Lead Synth
FX Voices
FX Synth

With these demo version I’d say I’ve finished songwriting. The song structures will stay the same, all keys and harmonies are finally built.
Next Steps will be adding Backup Vocals and missing Instruments from the list above to be able to write Scores
Prepare Recordings
Making a clean demo mix with all instruments to have a template for recording sessions. Finalize Lyrics and get Lead Vocals down to the mix.

I will record some parts by myself..

though I’m mainly the production manager and record engineer during recording sessions.

What I’m going to play

Well since I am playing piano, I’m gonna play the Grand Piano and the E-Piano Parts on the record. All Vocal parts will be recorded by myself aswell.

What I’m unsure about

I’d like to play some Bass and Guitar parts though I am not skilled enough to get everything down the way i want it. So probably I need your help for that too!

What is up to you

For every other of the listed Instruments above I need your help. If you play Piano or if you’re a singer don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m not a professional musician – so it’s good to have somebody to learn from.