About me

Magnus Basten

Born 1996 in a vitriculture area of Rhineland Platinate, Germany. At 3 years old my parents divorced and my mum, my 2 older sisters and me moved to a Suburban region near Cologne/Bonn. Haven’t had much contact to my father. At the age of 13 i started with a good friend to get insterested in event technic. Since 2012 I’m working as event technician on a professional level. Started as a Lightoperator until 2015, when i moved to Graz, Austria. On Oktober 3rd in 2015 i began to study electrical and audio engineering at the Graz Universities of Technology and of Music and Performing Arts. Since that time I started to more and more work as audio engineer, also learned some about Video Technology. I always was interested in Music and play piano since i was 6 years old. Later i learned basics of Guitar and Bass techniques, singing was aswell always very important to me as for me it’s like mental therapy.

Whatsapp / Tel.:

+43 677 61743812