What I can offer you is
Recording Studio Experience in a professional University Studio!

This is not a commercial Project so there basically is no money for nothing. Everything that need’s to be paid will be so from my private equity. So unfortunately i cannot pay you for your work, at least not beforehand. Of course the Album will be released and when time has come I will focuse on marketing to get as much listeners as possible. But you know, this is my Debut Album with my very own record label. So if there will be sucess, we can renegotiate a fee to be adequate. Credits will certainly go out to you if you decide to join me!


We will have 3 weeks in the studio!

As I mentioned the Recordings will start in the first week of September. There will be three steps until then.

Meet me to review the tracks

It is important that you get to know about the intention of the songs. To understand the message, the mood and most important the feeling. Because Music is all about emotions!

Learn to play your parts

You will get scores for your instrument in your instrument’s key. You can get Demo tracks with only and/or without your instrument to dive in and play along! You will have time for that in August.

And of Course: Recording

Once we’ve connected and are confident to go in the studio, things are getting serious. In the Studio you will play your parts together with familiar instruments to create the final version!

Get in touch!

Contact me!